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When you have to convince your white friends that your experiences with racism are real.

It is the saddest thing when you come across old friends that you thought you’ve known and trusted for a long time only to find out that when it comes to oppression, they’re just as blind to your personal struggles as they are of millions of others. As a person of color, it seems absurd that I have to “prove that racism exists.” 

Some say it is ignorance but I’m starting believe that it is a deliberate choice. If it truly were ignorance, a little of education can help (for example, I was ignorant of business accounting until I took a class and really tried to learn it). Generally, when people learn something new, they’re grateful for it. 

However, this isn’t the case. I shared some straight up facts, such as the reality of disparity for many Americans. I used my personal experience to help express the point as well - but these were all ignored - because they didn’t want to believe that racism exists in our country today.

(I know the above grammar isn’t pretty - I was a bit upset when writing, as I couldn’t believe some of the stuff being said). 

So how does one prove something exists when another person refuses to accept it, even if the facts are right in front of them? Why is it that people like this only gather their opinions about racism from other whites rather than those who have to experience it on a daily basis? 

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